You should be using interns for your small business: here’s why-

If you are a small business struggling to scale your business through quality and dependable employment, hiring interns could help!

One way to help scale your business and help retain talent is through the opportunity of internships with local college students. Internships allow a business to attract young and educated potential employees to your business. Businesses who invest in interns are improving profits and productivity.

Here at The Holler, we have recently welcomed 5 college interns from the University of the Cumberlands to our team. These interns are a great way for us to grow our small business because of their energy, fresh ideas, and potential to work full-time at The Holler in the future. 

Each intern is delegated to enhance a specific aspect of The Holler as a whole. Website maintenance, crafting blog posts, adding creative insight to our social media, innovative new product ideas, and maintaining our partnership with businesses like WTG.

Interns can help you grow your small business by testing talent in action before committing to a full-time employee. The Entrepreneur says that interns often turn out to be some of the best full-time employees because they can become familiar with your company’s culture and future before accepting full-time. It is a “try-out period for both buyer and seller.” Interns are an inexpensive way to recruit future employees. Interns can grow with the business as they learn and implement the mission of your business.

Our mission here at The Holler is “Bringing hope and opportunity back to the Appalachian region.”

This mission begins with growing and supporting small businesses in the area. Many small businesses in the Appalachian region struggle to grow due to a lack of educated workers willing to stay in the area.

The Holler specifically wanted to give students from the University of the Cumberlands the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in the digital marketing field. 

With few internship opportunities for local students, we felt that students would benefit from the chance to put the skills they learned in college to use here at The Holler, while helping us bring hope and opportunity back to Appalachia.

This opportunity benefits everyone involved. The interns from UC have been an amazing addition to our team. They have really helped us grow our daily operations by devoting time to specific tasks that we did not have enough time to do on our own. The intern’s participation is highly valuable to us at The Holler.