What We Do

We bring your vision to life.

We know that cameras make you nervous.  Trust us, we very rarely are “one take wonders” when we are in front of the camera.  The whole filmmaking process can be a bit overwhelming to everyone.  Our job here is to lay out everything you can expect so that you can better understand what all goes into the process of making a film.

Our Process is Simple

  • 01 Pre-Production
  • 02 Production
  • 03 Post-Production

1.  Intro and Ideation - we meet with you and see what your idea is
2. Research and Think Tank - we put out heads together to make your video EPIC
3. Presentation - we bring our ideas back to you
4. Collaboration - let us know what you think so we can start planning!
5. Planning for Shoot Day - a lot goes into this based on place, inside, outside, weather, season atmosphere, etc

1. Setup - we get to your location early and scout the lighting setup and determine what we need to add and get all of that rolling!
2. Script Rehearsal - Ideally anyone on video would have a good idea of what they’re going to say before we ever get there, but sometimes we need to take a minute and have them look back through the script!
3. Lights, Camera, Action! (Interviews and Audio) - We will get the cameras rolling with audio on our subjects and get the day started.
4. Lights, camera, action! (B-Roll) - B-roll comes next. this is what we use to lay over interviews and hard cuts. This will consist of footage of folks just acting natural and in their own element, and drone footage!
5. Tear down - i know you’ll miss us, but we’ve got to get back and start editing all this footage!

1.  Gear Down - taking the footage off the cards, going through it all, finding the right pieces to put together the most delicious pie
2. Build-up - putting it all together.. like a puzzle but cooler!
3. Clean-up - making it EPIC with music, transitions, color grading, and storytelling!!
4. Meet-up - we want you to see it obvi! Let’s meet up so you can tell us what you think!
5. Moving On - we hate to see you go but love to watch you grow!! Here’s your video :slightly_smiling_face:

Let's Talk About Your Next Project

We all have ideas in mind before we take action, so we feel that an initial “virtual coffee” is appropriate! Let us know when is good for you.