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The Best Social Media Management Apps in 2019

The benefits of active and focused social media participation in a small businesses are endless. Your customers are already using social media, so it is the perfect place to advertise your business! 

But with so many social media apps to manage at once, it is understanding that a small business may need some help. Using a social media manager app may help your business effectively maintain a presence in the digital world!

Social media management is outsourcing your business social media accounts to an outside party to maintain an active presence on all accounts, respond to followers and fan, and take the information they gather from interactions to make you business better.

Here are some of the apps for social media in 2019! 



Hootsuite is one of the oldest and most popular apps for social media management. This app is very efficient in scheduling posts and managing other important management tasks. Though it does not have many updates when it comes to its interface, it still effectively manages social media accounts!

This app offers a 30 – day free trial on their plans.


Agorapulse has gained a lot of popularity recently as a effective social media management app. It provides the best analytics of the businesses they manage. You can also use it to schedule on various social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+. You can track the presence of your posts using the Agorapulse’s analytics.

One of its unique features is their social inbox. This allows communication for customers as a way to increase responsiveness with customer service. This app can also help you identify the key influencers and connect with them.

Social Report 

Social Report is a major player in social media management. Aside from big social media accounts, they also integrate other networks like Google Business, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and others to their services. With the premium account, you can do direct scheduling to IG and other networks. It also has in-depth analytics on your social audience and one-click PDF reporting.

Buffer Publish

Buffer Publish is an app for social media best known for its simplicity. You can access all your media in one place. With this, you can do multiple actions in the same spot: sharing, analysis, and scheduling. This app makes things simpler for your business.

Buffer’s dashboard is super easy to use and it gives you full customization for your posting schedule. You can also view you analytics using this app. It supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Buffer Reply

This app for social media management is best used for monitoring and engagement. It allows you to engage with your followers and audience in various platforms from one streamlined inbox. Downside to this is its limited network, it only supports Facebook, IG, and Twitter.

These social media management apps are a great way for a small business to keep all their accounts active, engaging, and effective. It allows your business to focus on other things while still gaining customers through social media. 

If you are looking for a more personal approach to your social media management, let the digital marketing experts at The Holler handle your accounts.