Top 3 Content Marketing Focuses in 2021

Check out The Holler Creative’s 2021 Content marketing focuses.  

The past year was filled with abrupt changes and adaptations. Brands quickly embraced new strategies in order to stay relevant. Content is key to brand awareness, and it’s imperative for brands to do their content right and follow these top content marketing trends in 2021.

Make your content part of the buyer journey

The pandemic is still at large and because of this people are still held up in their homes, trying to get connected with others using technology. Many organizations’ are also still working from home to ensure safety and avoid the spread. 

The digital connection is now an even more important part of the buyers’ journey. It only takes seconds to capture the interest or disinterest of people today so it’s imperative that your content have that wow factor to impress consumers. Now more than ever it’s important to focus on content marketing to create a unique user experience. 

Google introduced micro-moments in describing consumers’ expectations for immediate answers. People want to have the solutions in a right here, right now method. If you fail to do that, they can just tap next or scroll for other brands. Your goal is to satisfy the consumers’ need for quick service. There are several automation tools to help you provide that problem/questions and solution/answer format to greatly improve your buyers’ journey.

Personalized Content

Consumers like it better when brands speak to them on a more personal level. Make it your goal to keep the communication on an individual level to assure consumers that they’re important to you. Personalizing your content also helps your brand to rise above the noise. A study titled “The Rise of Personalized Commerce” states those that have a user personalization plan that is crafted based on “marketing-led” decisions,  “were 38% more likely to earn 400% ROI or more than their counterparts.”

Personalization depends on data. This means that the more data you have on your consumers and site visitors, the more you’re equipped to improve your messaging. It’s important to create your ideal customer profile to personalize your content better.

Quality over quantity

The distraction keeps people away from reading long content. While longer posts get the organic search right, it isn’t helping to keep people on your page. Millennials and most of today’s buyers prefer shorter content. TikTok capitalized on that short-form content, and the company continues to see a stream of new users daily. People are more drawn to infographics, short-form videos, and other formats filled with colors and movements.  

Use videos, photos, and infographics on your social media channels and other platforms where you’re targeting today’s generation. Repurpose your previous content, blogs, and others. Turn them into entertaining videos, colorful photos, and infographics. 

Plan your content marketing approach with these trends in mind. This year’s focus is to create personalized and short-form content to capture your consumers’ interest. Once you get their attention, your next goal is to keep it by satisfying the consumer experience.