Tools to Stay Connected While Working Remotely

Many organizations have started working from home recently, but how do you maintain company culture without physically being together?

In the wake of COVID-19, our marketing agency has started working from home. This transition hasn’t been the easiest because our team-centered, collaborative office culture is such a big part of who we are. However, there are some tools that have made it easier to stay connected and maintain our culture even when we aren’t all in the same place.

Here are some of our favorites:


Slack helps everyone in your company stay in tune and up to date. You can choose how to organize your channels whether it is by project, group, topic, or whatever your company needs, information will never be lost again.

Slack focuses on using everyday apps and services to assist you and your team with a steady flow of information that everyone on your team will have access to see and interact with.

With Slack you are allowed to interact and collaborate using Voice calls, video calls, file sharing, screen sharing, and messaging.

Sometimes we just use it to send funny .gifs and memes back and forth.


Zoom is a remote video conferencing software that allows you to video call multiple people at the same time. It’s great for digital meetings because it allows for face-to-face communication during times when you can’t meet in person. 

We have Zoom meetings a periodically throughout the day where we talk about what we’ve been working on and what we plan to work on later. These meetings are also useful for solving problems that would take much longer to solve if we were to just use Slack’s instant messaging.

Zoom is free to use as long as your video calls are 40 minutes long or shorter. There are paid plans that let you meet for longer if you’re prone to more lengthy meetings.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a free web-based spreadsheet program that allows you to invite others to edit a spreadsheet you’ve made. There are a lot of really powerful ways you can use Google Sheets. One that has helped us stay connected is to use if for time-tracking.

We record what we’re working on at certain times throughout the day and that allows everyone to know what each of us are up to. If we were in the office, we would know this naturally. But since we aren’t there, it helps us keep up with each other. 

These sheets help facilitate better communication because there is an understanding of what other people are doing and how busy they are with certain projects. Knowing each other’s workloads gives us opportunities to step in and help out when its needed.

There are tons of other great resources out there

These are just a few of the tools and services that have helped us stay connected since we started working from home. Check out our resources page to see some other tools that we use to keep our business running smoothly!