The Hollercast Episode 011- Using Exercise to Change Lives with Courtney Oliver

How Free Gym Memberships are Helping Individuals in Addiction Recovery

Courtney Oliver is the founder of Reppin2Recovery, a non-profit organization that provides free gym and fitness memberships for people who have completed a substance abuse rehabilitation program. Reppin2Recovery helps these people to get back on their feet and regain a healthy lifestyle. 

Courtney recognizes that no one is perfect. Although her struggles may be different than those of the people she’s helping, she still has compassion and empathy for them. 

Fitness has been a way of life for Courtney and her husband for a while. She’s experienced how therapeutic physical activity is and she wanted to give this chance to people in need of help as well. 

The couple has been involved in ministry for a couple of years and it has always been in their heart to give back and help those who don’t have the best access to resources. 

Reppin2Recovery has already had multiple success stories during its first few months. Courtney is excited for what the future holds for the organization and is looking forward to watching it grow so that it can serve even more people.

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