The Hollercast Episode 010- Humility in Leadership with Chase Hail

What Chase Learned from Leadership Kentucky's BRIGHT Program

Chase Hail, The Holler’s Director of Operations, recently graduated from Leadership Kentucky’s BRIGHT program. Earlier in the program, participants divided up into groups and came up with potential projects to improve the region. Chase’s group devised a plan to better promote Daniel Boone Country and the lesser known attractions that the area has to offer. Proper marketing of these features would certainly improve the awareness of what Kentucky has to offer.

Chase emphasized the diverse backgrounds of the BRIGHT participants. Many of them come from the struggling counties and conditions that the program aims to improve. 

One of the main things that he took away from the program was the importance of humility in leadership. Elmer Whitaker of Whitaker Bank was a program sponsor and he attended the sessions along with the participants.  Chase recalled that Mr. Whitaker often insisted on holding the door open for all 48 participants as they went from place to place. Mr. Whitaker’s reason for doing so was two-fold:

  1. He wanted to model humility and servant leadership for all the young leaders, and
  2. Doing so gave him the opportunity to have a face-to-face interaction with every individual in attendance, a privilege he wouldn’t have had otherwise.
Chase realizes the need for humility in leadership, but he knows that it doesn’t come easy. Many of the speakers throughout the BRIGHT program told of an experience they’d been through that humbled them. It often takes hard circumstances to forge humility within a leader.

Chase is grateful to Leadership Kentucky, the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC), the Whitaker Foundation, and all the other sponsors and people who were instrumental in the program’s success. 


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