The Hollercast Episode 004- Transportation & Tunes with Jessica Bray

How Road Work and Local Country Music Can Both Improve Communities

Jessica Bray is the Regional Transportation Planner for the Cumberland Valley Area Development District. She works with government officials in eight different counties to address road project concerns. Aside from her work in transportation, Jessica is also the owner and founder of the Kentucky Country Music website. 

On top of all her other obligations, Jessica is a member of  BRIGHT Kentucky,  an organization designed to build the capacity of next-generation leaders in Kentucky. 

Jessica explained to us that “transportation” includes more than just cars. It’s how people get from point A to point B. Her work is concerned with pedestrian, bicycle, an even air transportation. She’s currently working on a project for pedestrians and cyclists in downtown Corbin, among other things. began as a way for Jessica to collect all of her articles and research in one place. Today, she has over 20 years of journalism experience and has interviewed countless country music artists. She also hosts The Nashville News Roundup on Froggy WFKY on Friday mornings.

Visit the transportation planning website if you have a road concern within Jessica’s district that you’d like to bring to their attention.

Check out Kentucky Country Music to find a collection of stories, interviews, road trip adventures, reviews, and a culture that is like no other. 

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