Our team is our most valuable asset. From the very beginning, Josh and Kevin have worked hard to protect the culture of The Holler. That means they’ve had to be pretty particular about their people. Everyone on our team excels in their area of expertise and we have fun doing it. Keep scrolling and get to know us!

Oh, and we like coffee ☕️ if you can't tell.

Kevin Flora

Co-Founder / Chief Business Officer

Kevin is our co-founder and master of all systems and processes, but for some reason he has a PhD in education?

Josh Coppock

Co-Founder / Chief Vision Officer

Josh is the creative backbone and dreamer of the team, but he turns into a dream crusher when a competition is at hand.

Sydney Holcombe

Marketing Communications Specialist

Sydney makes sure that all outgoing communication is on point. She loves words almost as much as she loves house plants.

Kaitlyn Harp

Client Relations Lead

We are still trying to figure out if Kaitlyn builds better relationships with clients or her 68 (for real) pets.

Natalie Detherage

Business Development Manager

Natalie, is our pigeon-toed princess who focuses on creating the best on-boarding experience for our clients.

James Schweizer

Brand Manager

James manages his personal brand so well that he gets away with wearing pink converse.  Good for you James, good for you.

Chase Hail

Director of Operations

Chase keeps everything in our business running smoothly, when he’s not talking about golf or fishing.