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Welcome to The Holler’s resource recommendation section.  This is a page of dynamically updated resources that you can use to grow and optimize your business.  We have tested every recommendation on this page and believe in each of these tools.  Many of the resources listed are tools that we use regularly to not only run our business but our client’s businesses as well.  Take a look at some of the best online business tools you can find.

Bluehost | Web Hosting Service

Bluehost’s number 1 goal is to create a safer web for everyone. They fight scammers and spammers to make sure the technologically impaired and the technological professionals alike can harness the full power of the web to be successful

Bluehost offers a wide range of tools to their customers to meet all different types of needs, all tools are simple to use and will help their pro savers save time and energy.

Every Bluehost account offers a wide range of add-on products and resources to assist their members in building a strong and unique online presence, no matter the size of their business.

All websites hosted at Bluehost are provided with a free SSL Certificate, to protect your website visitors. They can also offer many different bundles that contain security, power, speed, functionality and 24/7 in house experts to assist you


Shopify | Ecommerce Solution

Shopify focuses on helping your business focus on what’s important to you, buying and selling. Shopify makes online commerce easy. Their platform is used to manage all aspects of your business, such as products, orders with customers, and sales online as well as in store.

Shopify is perfect to help any business get organized and put themselves out there. Their tools help with brand building, building a store, marketing your business, reaching your audience, and managing all aspects on a single dashboard. All your orders, shipments, and payments can all be in the same place.


Clickfunnels | Build Online Sales Funnels

Clickfunnels is an amazing software that is simply an online sales funnel builder.  Clickfunnels makes it fast and easy for both inexperienced and experienced business owners who are trying to grow online to build clean, high conversion-rate sales funnels—no coding or design skills required.

If you don’t have a website, it is an excellent way to create a live sales funnel without the expense of building or hosting a website. You will have a custom domain for every funnel you create.  The best part of Clickfunnels is that it is super easy to get started with your FREE 14 DAY TRIAL by pressing our “learn more button” and creating your account!

UpViral | Go Viral With This Tool

Upviral is a campaign focused management site. No matter what market your business is in, upviral will cater to you. Instead of using many different platforms, which can be chaotic to view and manage, Upviral keeps it all on a single dashboard.

Using Upviral you can set up email triggers based on certain actions as well as automatic follow up emails. You can develop different reward systems, customizable referral link systems, set up for contests and promotions, as well as winner selection and sharing options.

Upviral also offers auto fraud detection, automated security and IP tracking.


MyCompanyBooks | #1 Bookkeeping Service

This is an amazing service provided by one of the most professional and productive CPA’s we have ever discovered, Madge Miller.  My Company Books is a virtual service that allows Madgel Miller to completely run your financial operations through Quickbooks Online.  

The team at My Company Books is passionate about providing your business with great solutions through expert bookkeeping consultation.  They work really hard to provide you the answers and organize your business finances.

Ahrefs | Keyword Research Tool

AHREFS is one of the worlds best backlink analysis resources. Monitor your own company as well as your competitors for ranking in the organic search and the amount of traffic through each site.

AHREFS uses a keyword explorer that has data for over 150 million keywords to assist with ideas, difficulty and metrics. Using the difficulty score, it’ll help you make better decisions about keywords you choose to target.

You can also track consumers that are talking about your competitors and intercept their conversation and exploit opportunity.


Social Pilot | Social Media Management Tool

Social pilot is a social media management tool. Social media is one of the biggest advertisement strategies used in marketing right now. Most companies have multiple accounts with different platforms which can be difficult to keep track of. With social pilot, all social media is in one place.

Social pilot takes the pressure of managing multiple social media pages away. They allow you to track your analytics to help make better strategic decisions on what you post, improve consistent interactions with comments, messages and post all in one place.

Social Pilot also allows you to discover what is most popular and schedule to have it posted directly to your pages.

Provide step by step directions on how to be most successful on social media Marketing.

Comodo | Provides SSL Certificate

Comodo offers the TLS/SSL certificate. This is a standard security protocol that encrypts links between the web serves and browser. This makes sure that all information provided on the website is private and secure.

This is important to businesses because without it, you are not allowed to receive payments online without it, you are not allowed to receive payments online with out it and many search engines such as google will not allow your site to be featured without it.


Trello | Project Mangement Service

Trello is an app and online resource used to manage and organize tasks and projects. Their tools and layout are similar to that of Pinterest, all information is sorted into individual, categorized board. Many employees have chosen Trello as a fan favorite used by their company.

Trello is easily accessible to those added into each board and allows a large range of detail to be added as well as many projects to be collaborated on.

Slack | Team Collaboration Tool

Slack helps everyone in your company stay in tune and up to date. You can choose how to organize your channels whether it is by project, group, topic, or whatever your company needs, information will never be lost again.

Slack focuses on using everyday apps and services to assist you and your team with a steady flow of information that everyone on your team will have access to see and interact with.

With Slack you are allowed to interact and collaborate using Voice calls, video calls, file sharing, screen sharing, and messaging.


"These guys pointed me 100% in the right direction and made it easy. My online shop took off with their guidance with a strong Social Media campaign and business strategy to achieve the goals I wanted."
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