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Facebook ad agency combines digital strategy, research, and creative content to draw in leads for business through Facebook advertising. Agencies employ professionals that are experienced with the intricacies of Facebook ad placement and creation.

Few businesses have the time or resources to devote to digital marketing because they’re focused on running their business, not growing it.  The Holler and other Facebook ad agencies are equipped with experts who can manage ad creation, analytics, and research the best practices. 

Facebook ad agencies like The Holler utilize business goals to create unique strategies specifically for businesses. They then use this strategy to create messaging, graphics, and videos designed specifically to reach a target audience. 

Agencies Specialization

Most agencies, similarly to The Holler, tend to specialize in certain industries, especially new ones.  Common industries include – salons, real estate, restaurants, retail, gyms, etc. Though the older the Agency, the more they can explore past initial industries or refine their niche. Each industry will have varying differences that necessitate expertise and research. 

With a Facebook Certified agency, a business can be sure that they are working work, an organization well-versed in Facebook advertising. Additionally, this certification gives agencies access to various perks that flow through to their clients. This certification is preceded by tests and tutorials to train agencies properly.   

What are Facebook Ads?

Through Facebook, businesses can reach a wide audience that is refined to the intended recipients. Ads are the creative content and copywriting that is directed to specific audiences within the platform. More than two billion people use Facebook each month, and due to this, Facebook ads are the most cost-effective method for reaching the audience, a business wants to draw in. 

Facebook ad agencies reach people through a wide range of ad formats that Facebook utilizes. There are a handful of different ad formats that Facebook offers, such as carousel, slideshow, image, video, lead generation ads, and more.  

What does a Facebook ad agency do?

Before getting started with a customer, The Holler will have a vetting process with a potential client to define goals and objectives. If both parties decided to continue the process, the next steps tend to be as follows – 

  • explain how the ads will promote the business based on the agreed-upon goals 

  • agencies may conduct a competitor analysis for the client

  • talk about concerns on both ends and answer question

  • create copy and graphics to fit the campaigns

  • reevaluate based on the results



Data points for success

The Holler and other Facebook ad agencies work with clients to boost CPC (cost per click) and CRO (conversion rate optimization). This is done by identifying what drives engagement with specific audiences and curating content directed to that audience through the Facebook platform.  

CPC (Cost Per Click) is basically how much it costs for a lead to click on an ad. This number will vary depending on factors like the market’s saturation, the audience size, and a plethora of other elements. An intentional agency’s goal is to lower that cost, which benefits the agency and its clients.  

Lowering CPC on Facebook can be done by – 

  • Making sure the ads are relevant to the intended audience. The relevance of an ad is given an algorithmic score, and fine-tuning ads can increase this score. The more relevant an ad is to the audience, the cheaper it is to send it out.    
  • Increasing the CTR (click-through rate). The click-through rate is the number of audience members who click through the ad. Increasing this number can be done by ensuring that the ad fits the target audience and the buttons are appropriate. For example, using a “Shop Now” button instead of a “learn more” button could increase leads when attracting cold leads. 
  • Making sure the ads are particular
  • Retargeting the customized audiences from previous ads
  • Split testing images and copy to identify the best combination

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the system by which agencies increase users who make the desired outcome when visiting a website. This could mean they buy a shirt, take a survey, or fill out a form. CRO involves finding out how to move leads through a site and taking the desired actions.

Increasing CRO through Facebook can be done by – 

  • Researching the demographics of a target market and making sure the ads are relevant to them 
  • Testing different demographics to make sure the audience is correct. 
  • Using the correct ads to help the audience make the target decision.

Though based on the continual research, agencies can draft copy that draws in potential leads. The text included within an ad is critical, and there’s a science behind it. For instance, different ad copy will draw in audiences. Some copy might work perfectly for an audience and might not work at all for another audience. 

Intentional Copy Writing

Facebook advertising Agencies who produce great ads are intentional about the call-to-action. Ads need to be intuitive.  Users won’t assume what the intended action is. Facebook ad agencies also understanding the importance of copy length – less is more. Making sure the copy in the ad lines up with the images in the ad. Take into account that an audience member might see the image before the ad copy and vice versa. 

These leads can also be attracted through graphics and videos created with the same research and placement, and demographics in mind. The Holler will use other colors that contrast Facebook’s Blue and white layout to stick out and use other tactics.

Eye-catching Facebook ad graphics include –

  • A clear explanation of the value of the ad (ex FREE MONTH TRIAL)
  • Subjects that grab the attention of the user (puppies, babies)
  • Images that are funny or different 
  • Prominent logos
  • Happy people

Carefully crafted video ads have the same amount of research as any other, and it can be the most powerful tool in an agencies’ tool belt. While these take time to film and edit, video is a huge portion of Facebook content. In fact, 3 billion hours of video are watched on Facebook every day. Studies have shown that people are overwhelmingly more motivated to purchase a product after watching a video.

Attractive Video ads do the following – 

  • It’s genuine
  • It educates the audience about the product or service.
  • It’s entertaining
  • The call to action is clear

Certified Facebook ad agencies 

The Facebook Blueprint certification is an example of the dedication to offering to advertise for serious clients.  The certification requires hours of training. The courses cover topics such as Implementation, strategy, ad data analysis, and others. 

The certification proves to customers that an agency can be trusted and know how to manage customers’ ads. The tests measure how proficient an ads manager is as they test their skills in different ways.  

Agency tools

Facebook ad agencies like The Holler have other tools outside of a team of experts to write, create, and research. Two of the most powerful tools are Facebook’s Ad Manager and Facebook Pixel. Facebook’s ad manager is the bridge between the agency and what the audience sees when the ads are live. Through this platform ads, managers monitor how ads are performing and facilitate improvements. The Facebook Pixel helps direct audience members back to a business’s site, and direct new leads to a business’s site. 

Both of these tools are crucial parts of Facebook ad agencies. 

In collaboration with The Holler, businesses can grow their audience and increase profitability. Agencies have tools that can heighten performance. Additionally, they receive reports that make it easier to tweak individual campaigns and improve their reception and engagement. 

Facebook ad A/B testing

The Holler uses A/B testing to try different campaign configurations. It can promote predictable growth and income when used in conjunction with retargeted audiences and conversion optimization agencies.  

The Holler and other Agencies take advantage of different ad offerings and create ads that fit the audience and specifications of these Facebook ads. To fit the client’s goals, agencies take advantage of the newest Facebook offerings and implement creative content to fit. 

They are notified of the most current updates to the Facebook Ad platform.  Agencies are equipped with tools for learning and have access to 1 on 1 support.  Facebook ad agencies use specific campaigns to direct users towards specific actions, such as – 

Specific Digital ad campaigns can be created for

  • Directed sales –  to send customers to specific items or services. 
  • In-store sales – to create awareness and direct more people to brick and mortar shops. 
  • Reach – to improve the number of people that hear a brands message
  • Traffic – to increase site traffic, app engagement, and Facebook page reach
  • Engagement – to increase interactions with a business page (shares, likes, comments)
  • Brand awareness – to increase understanding or interest in a brand/ business.
  • Lead generation – to simplify and direct people interested in a business to that business’s app or site to sign up / get more info.
  • Messages – to add a personal touch by improving engagement with customers. Messages can also help collect leads and increase sales.
  • Video views – businesses can direct customers to video that they are likely already interested in. 
  • App Installs – to increase the number of users that install a business’s app.

What demographics can agencies use for targeting?

  • Location – Where is the business’s existing audience, and where do they want to draw customers from? Ads can be specifically targeted to existing customers and potential leads.
  • Demographics – Agencies decide demographics depending on the user’s gender, education, job, and more niche options. 
  • Interests – Interests can dictate who the ad reaches as well – everything from DIY projects to food video preferences can play into how an ad is sent out. 
  • Behavior – direct ads depending on the purchases or users and device usage
  • Connections – Ads can also be refined based on their connection to the Facebook page

Why are Facebook ads so important?

Facebook has the largest collection of users on one platform; Facebook receives more ad views than its three competitors combined. This means instead of trying to stand out in front of an undefined audience. Whether that’s a billboard or radio ad, businesses can choose the exact demographics that reflect the intended audience with digital ads.  

If a business is active on Facebook users, they tend only to see 6% of all the posts that go out, and it’s projected that number will eventually decline to 0%. If users don’t see a presence on Facebook, they’ll assume they aren’t interested in growth or engagement with their audience.  

Advertising Cost Efficiency 

Advertising is the most cost-effective it has ever been based on the amount of specialization and refinement that can go into isolating an audience.  Right now, 5-10$ is the average CPM (cost per impression) for reaching 1,000 impressions. Keep in mind that while 1,000s of people might pass a billboard in a day, there’s no way to know how many people with-in a targeted audience even saw the ad.  

Facebook advertising can see quick results, and thousands can see businesses of users in one day. This awareness can change audience perceptions and inform users about new offerings they could potentially be interested in. Especially for businesses with any e-commerce, Facebook advertising is a must if it isn’t properly utilized.  

Traditional Ads Vs. Digital Ads

Facebook ads cost drastically less than TV advertising while reaching similar audience sizes. Considering that traditional forms of advertising don’t tend to have measurable analytics, digital marketing is a fine-tuned instrument in comparison. Again, audience targeting can be honed based on users’ age, what activities they enjoy, where they live, their relationship status, etc. Utilizing a team of professionals to create specified ads can make it easier for businesses to focus on their day to day operations.  

Businesses that opt to really invest in Facebook ads will find that they can focus on day-to-day operations while ad agencies do the leg work. The benefit of predicting measurable growth and scale a business based on this growth cannot be overstated. 

The Holler Creative is a digital marketing agency that fuels business growth by blending creativity and data-driven marketing strategies. We would love to help to grow your business Facebook Advertising – Start today

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