The Hollercast Episode 009- Developing Kentucky Businesses with Tal Jones

How Supporting Entrepreneurs is Helping to Shape a Region

Tal Jones stopped by our office the other day to be a part of the podcast. Tal is a Business and Innovation Champion of SOAR Innovation, just like Jeffery Justice. He works throughout his service area to identify and build relationships with existing small businesses that have the desire and capacity to scale-up utilizing technology. 

Tal has experience as a small business owner, so he understands the challenges that many of his clients are facing.

He believes in the region and sees the potential here because he’s seen the work ethic that the people of Kentucky have exhibited day-in and day-out for decades. Even if the coal mining industry isn’t what it used to be, the same resourcefulness and adaptability that made people great coal miners can allow them to succeed in other fields. 

Shaping Our Appalachian Region (SOAR) held a business pitch competition similar to Shark Tank at their last Summit. The winner of the competition was a product called “Skeeter Logs,” which provides an environmentally friendly way to repel insects. 

Tal is a motivated individual who is excited about bringing hope and opportunity to the Appalachian region.


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