Monetize your Website in These Easy Ways

Are you using your website to its fullest? Your website is not in the face of the internet for show, there’s a reason why you decided to create it. Whatever it may be, you might as well use it to earn cash. Monetize your website and put it to best use!

Here are ways on how to monetize your website:

Affiliate Marketing

One of the many ways to monetize your website is affiliate marketing. This is by the easiest and most common way of making profit using your website. All you have to do is to act as a messenger or a bridge from one website to another.

You will lead your customers to specific sites (affiliate program) and in every lead you generate, you will get a commission. With affiliate marketing, you do not receive orders, make sales, or manage inventories. You simply act as the middle man between customers and other sites you are partnering with. Upside? You get to partner with big brands relevant to your business or interests!

Cost-Per-Click Ads (CPC Ads)

CPC ads (Cost-Per-Click ads) is another way to monetize your website. This works by putting ads in your site, whenever a visitor clicks one of the ads, your site will have a revenue.

Google AdSense

There are millions of companies that are paying on per – click basis just to appear in Google search engine. The Google Adsense is the advertising program that lets site owners to display these advertisers on their site. So you put an ad banner in your site and Google AdSense pays your every time a banner is clicked.


Another CPC example to monetize your website is through Infolinks which is by far better when it comes to intrusiveness. Infolinks does not limit their ads with banners, so you can choose from a number of options.

Also, the ads load after your entire web page has been loaded, in this way, the loading page of your site will not be affected. We don’t want to keep our site visitors waiting!

To give you an idea, here is an example of Cost per Click Ads:

Source: (

Call to Action

A Call to Action is an effective way to monetize your website as well.  Add buttons to your site and you get people to make an action to either buy or download your product, sign up for account, or gather their e-mails to begin yet another way to monetize your website which is e-mail marketing.

How to do it?

Make buttons that signifies action, always start with a verb. Examples would be, “Sign up for blah blah…,” “Download the latest blah blah…” and many others that you can think of.

Source: (

Native Advertising

You may have come across this but simple did not realize. Native advertising is when you scroll to the bottom of web pages and see various content as recommended to visit, click, or read. This works the same way with CPC (cost-per-click) ads where you monetize your website when they click on the recommended sites.

The encircled hyperlinks are examples of native advertising.

Source: (

Sponsored Content

Next in the list of ways to monetize your website is using Sponsored Content. If you wish for your audience to focus on the content and not be distracted by the ads, this one is for you.  This type is good when you aim for higher engagement in your content and want to generate revenue by using your site’s engagements.

There you go! There are simple, easy and effective ways on how to monetize your website. Start making money now by making use of those tips above.

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