Business Website Dos and Don’ts!

All entrepreneurs create their businesses in the hopes to get a return investment that will turn their lives or businesses around. Today, entrepreneurs are turning to creating sites and starting an online business set up to improve not only their service but most of all, their sales. If you are new to the digital marketing industry, you have come to the perfect blog. Here are business website dos and don’ts that you can follow in building your own business site.

Let’s start with the dos in building an amazing business website!

Business Website Dos 

Do set smart goals

Goals must be set before indulging your focus into making a business website. SMART goals are goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time – bound. Increasing conversion rates, generating more leads, improving brand awareness, increasing sales are just some examples of this goal.

Do learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Yes, you can hire somebody to do the optimising in your business website. However, as entrepreneur, you should also know how to do it. SEO is one of the highest Return on Investments in digital marketing and good SEO means good business website function.

Visit SEOmoz learn the basics of SEO and to stay update with the changes of SEO strategies.

Do make great content

You must be ready with all your content before you officially put up your business website. Your content will depend on the kind of business you have. For example, if you are selling products, all the product descriptions must be organized and understandable and if you are selling services, you must be ready with all the explanation of what services you can do. People like simple and straight to the point descriptions so you must follow suite.

Do trust your web designer

Trust that your web designer will make your business website up and running! Instead of telling them what they have to do in every turn, just let them do their job. You will be surprised by how some can even exceed your expectations.

Now, let’s go to the Don’ts in building your business website.

Business Website Don’ts 

Don’t DIY your site!

Even if you are a developer, there’s a good chance that you will have a biased opinion in what you make. Your business website cannot look homemade. The audience will not like a homemade Do-it-Yourself site.

Don’t spend all your money for your site

Do not put all of your budget in creating your business website. Don’t worry if your website is not at its best form in the beginning. You can improve it once you generate income from it.

Don’t try to please everyone

You cannot please everyone – fair point. Doing this will result to a chaotic and messy website. Find your niche, find your target audience. Once you do, pattern your website according to their liking.

Don’t overdo the testimonials

Testimonials are good advertising but putting too much emphasis and focus in it will ruin your credibility. Audience will think that some of it are fake and will not entertain your services or products anymore. They’ll just close your tab and that’s your goodbye.

So there you go! Those are the simple do’s and don’ts for your business website. Give them a try and see better results.

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