Conversion Optimization Services

Conversion Optimization Services are all aspects of a successful ad that converts users, such as copywriting, creating graphics and videos, and interpreting analytics to reconfigure the ad content. 

An Agency that deals in boosting the CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) typically has a wide range of employees who can manage different conversion processes. These agencies serve clients through copywriting, the creation of graphics and videos, and specialize in interpreting analytics. Each position is an important aspect of the optimization process. If the ads aren’t specified for the intended audience and targeted at the correct demographics, then the ads won’t convert leads to their full potential. 

Agencies that offer conversion optimization services employ professionals that research the best techniques in conversion practices. The fulfillment of these services creates an atmosphere where clients can focus on internal business growth based on their digital traffic.  

 Marketers today focus their efforts on driving traffic to their websites, hoping that the traffic eventually leads to conversion. It is a simplified strategy, but in truth, it involves complex processes. To get most of their traffic, many businesses are using conversion rate optimization (CRO) services. 

Conversion Rate Optimization Definition 

Conversion rate is the rate/percentage of the site visitors who complete a desired goal; this may be signing up for a trial, purchasing a product, completing a form, and others. Conversions are categorized into two types: micro-conversion and macro conversion. Micro-conversion includes account creation, adding products to cart, or signing up for email lists. On the other hand, macro-conversion includes buying a product/service, requesting a quote, or subscribing to the service. 

Conversion rate optimization is the process of optimizing the website and its content to increase conversion. Increased conversion rate means that a website appeals to the target audience, and its content is persuasive enough to incite action from the visitors.  Conversion rate shouldn’t be confused with other conversions from SEO and paid ads. CRO is not just about the clicks. The CRO process aims to invite new traffic and optimize the existing traffic. It also allows for more highly-qualified leads, increased revenue, decreased acquisition costs, and eventually grows the business. 

Website owners and marketers make websites for the sole purpose of informing people of their services and products. The websites are created to generate revenue as it converts visitors to paying customers. CRO is the way to do that. 

Areas to optimize for CRO

A website contains many details that can be optimized. However, these four are largely considered to be the most areas most common for optimization. 


The homepage is most susceptible to optimization as it’s the first thing that site visitors see. Whether visitors stick around or not highly depends on how the homepage and its contents have persuaded them. The first step for homepage conversion is to identify the problem.  

There are several ways to improve homepages. This may include having free sign-up buttons and putting more links to product information. Some sites also use chatbots to incite engagement and answer the visitors’ questions quickly and efficiently. Putting videos to the homepage is also a common strategy as videos are easy to the eyes and are more engaging than plain texts. 

The videos must be short, a simple product introduction, or whatever your main offer is. It must be able to explain your purpose and give visitors the idea of what to do next. Oftentimes, homepage videos have closed captions and automatically disabled videos to avoid disrupting any visitors’ activities while opening your page. 

Pricing Page

Pricing pages are sore subjects for visitors. Sometimes, people are put off with too many numbers and lists of prices. Improve pricing pages by changing the price intervals, thus giving visitors the options. Simplicity is always at the forefront of optimization. Don’t confuse the visitors with ambiguous terms; make the pricing explanation as clear and simple as possible. 

While visitors can pick the option they want based on their needs, it’s equally important to give them a recommended plan. Pick and highlight the plan that resonates with the general audience. A study by ConversionXL evaluated the impact of highlighting recommended plans. The results showed that participants choose PRO plans more if highlighted, especially if the pricing is in the most expensive order to the cheapest. The call-to-action is another important element for pricing pages; it must be persuasive and emphasized. The CTA must be worded clearly and very visible. 

Landing Pages

Landing pages aim to incite action. The purpose is to convert visitors while ensuring that they are enjoying their time on the website. User experience is an important factor in making visitors stay and check the offers for a much longer time. Visitors want to feel appreciated. They want to be inspired and excited by the site offers. 

Simplicity applies to all the site pages, including the landing page. Get away with the visual clutters and let the visitors focus on the call-to-action. Some sites use as few elements as possible and try to communicate their offers and services with fewer words. 


The blog is a giant conversion strategy in itself. Websites create blog pages to publish informative information, studies, best buys, and more. It’s also an area to collaborate with other brands and businesses in the same industry. Some websites invite writers to share their content that may be relevant for their audiences. 

Should you hire a CRO agency?

There are several things to consider when you want to expand the business using conversion rate optimization. There are questions of whether there’s a need to hire an agency or just but conversion tools. 

Most times, businesses don’t favor having an in-house CRO team due to the failure to deliver the expected return on investment. Another reason is that conversion optimization efforts are pushed further into the priority list due to their other tasks. Outside agencies seem to be their most viable solution. Still, the decision depends on the cost against benefits, especially for smaller companies and startups. 


Time is gold; it always has been. Creating an in-house team takes more time as opposed to just hiring a CRO agency. This time can be dedicated to other components in improving the business, such as lead generation, SEO efforts, etc. 


Creating an in-house team can run from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Every team member must be an expert that includes the project manager, the designers, the strategist, and the web developers. There’s a whole new team to organize, new training, and seminars they need. These things bleed money. Most companies don’t have enough resources to handle major conversion rate efforts. Although, for much bigger companies, a team is much favored due to long-term campaigns. 

Increase revenue

A CRO agency’s main goal is to increase revenue. Aside from that, they have the property resources and expertise to provide businesses with new revenue streams. 

Finding conversion optimization services 

Hiring a CRO agency is a huge investment. It’s not enough to establish rapport or connection with the agency of your choice; the agency needs to have the ability to address the businesses’ needs. 

Have an in-depth conversation with the agencies you are most likely to hear. Look for testimonials and read them from their website. It allows you to grasp the kind of service they offer and whether people are recommending their services. It’s also important to have the other members of the team ask questions during the pitch meeting. 

They may have other concerns that have to be addressed or ask difficult questions about costs, processes, frameworks, etc.  Letting the team members in on the meeting allows for more engagement between the team and the CRO agencies, making the optimization work easier later. 

Some agencies offer various digital marketing services, and CRO may be just one of their many offerings but not their specialized skill. They may be focused on SEO, ads, and others. This may not be the best for your business. You are investing money and time; it’s best to invest these things in an agency that does CRO best. 

Top Conversion Rate Optimization Services Today 

Website managers need to evaluate their conversion rates now and then. Traffic isn’t enough to make a revenue and thus, not enough to grow the business. It’s important to pick reliable tools to ensure that your website is generating revenue. Here’s a list of some of the top conversion services today. 


Convert is one of the top optimization tools that use behavior-based sign up for conversion. This tool helps businesses to set up forms based on specific targeting guidelines. It is also compatible with other marketing tools such as ConstantContact, ConverterKit, ActiveCampaign, Zapier, MailerLite, and others. Convert boasts a drag and drop widget editor for customizing forms and other form templates depending on the websites’ needs. The tool can be integrated into software and sites, including WordPress, Shopify, BigCommerce, Weebly, and Magento. 

Neil Patel Digital

This company is popular for its SEO and CRO services. It also offers other services such as paid marketing research, social media marketing, data analytics and insights, programmatic advertising, and content managing. Neil Patel is built by a team of marketers; being in the business for some time, they’ve observed the challenges in digital marketing and address these issues with the services they offer. 


This agency offers all-in-one services; this means websites should optimize every detail for their marketing strategy. WebMechanix was created in 2009 and has since evolved steadily. The agency offers pay per click, social media management, conversion rate optimization, web development services, and SEO. 


Optimonk targets all site visitors regardless of whether they left an email or intended to make the purchase. This tool allows site managers/marketers to customize their website messages based on their leads. Some of the features include email list builder, social media engagement, customer feedback collection, and more. 

Regardless of the decision, hiring a CRO agency, creating an in-house team, or buying a CRO tool/software, it’s undeniable that optimization is an effective way to grow a business. There is no one perfect approach for content optimization. Businesses use multiple strategies for their campaigns to ensure more success. There are a lot of best practices available out there. The most important thing is to know which of these practices work best for the business.


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