Quality Over Quantity Content

You may have noticed that information online seemed to have doubled during the pandemic. With different topics to cover, and tons of methods to get traction, it’s hard to know how to get more attention. 

The goal, first and foremost, should be Quality Over Quantity Content.  Therefore, quality over quantity continues to be a vital part of the buyers’ journey. One of The Holler Creative’s 
focuses in 2021.

William Craig of Forbes stated, “When it comes to digital marketing, quality trumps quantity and makes your brand more personable in the long run. We live in the age of transparency, and consumers crave authenticity.” Although this quote was written two years ago, this quote holds today and is potentially more accurate today.  

So how do we really accomplish quality over quantity?

Relevant, Current, On Brand, and Specific Content

To establish high-quality information, you should also invest a lot of time and attention into identifying and understanding your target audience. Understanding your audience will enable you to make content that is relevant and relatable. 

Who are your existing readers and consumers? 

Why do they connect with you? 

What problems do you solve? 

Ask questions

Getting to know your audience and conversing with them via your content keeps readers engaged like you’re building a relationship. After all, your readers are real people, seeking real advice, technical knowledge, etc. 

Keeping the quality over quantity in mind, making content relevant is vital, otherwise, your making great content for the wrong audience. 

Less posting = Quality Over Quantity Content

To accomplish quality over quantity, you need to plan out your content and make sure you can serve it with the same level of quality every time. If you can’t, it won’t last for long. Needless to say, the online world needs more information that connects! 

Sohail Ashraf of Business 2 Community suggests marketers should drip out their content instead of saturating their audience. Posting massive amounts of content will get lost by the wayside, and it’s frustrating to the audience

Find something valuable for your audience to keep waiting for your next write-up.

On Brand Content

It’s easy to find relevant material that someone else has published and share it out. Though it’s important to consider the level of quality that reflects. Quality over quantity! 

Make a post from your business’s perspective and explain a trend or news story that has an effect on your audience. It’s important to make sure this content utilizes your brand guidelines such as; type, colors, and blends well with other content that you’re producing. 

Be Reliable

According to Google, the average consumer needs around 18 brand touches to become a customer. This means that each time a user is “touched” by content, they become more aware, and more likely to consider your offering. 

When you have done your research it is easier to dream up good information to post.  Remember you want to provide value with your content and you can make a positive impression on readers and make them deliberate based on the information you have provided. 


In conclusion, accomplishing quality over quantity is not easy. Consistency, a little elbow grease, and good research are all you need to draft some fantastic content. 

Before you make a content write-up, ask yourself what motivates you and who do you want to help with the information you will be providing. 

If you need any help getting started we’d love to help!