Buidling a Mission-Minded Business with Kendra Smallwood on The Hollercast

Building a Mission-Minded Business with Kendra Smallwood

Building a Mission-Minded Business with Kendra Smallwood

How Pearl Apparel is helping bring visions to life

On this episode of The Hollercast, we sat down and talked to Kendra Smallwood.

Kendra is the Owner and Founder of Pearl Apparel, a custom garment printing and embroidery business that helps bring creative visions to life.

Kendra felt called by God to start the company. She opened for business in 2017 after a lot of prayer and planning. She had originally thought that she’d have to start out working out of a basement, but before the company even launched, she was able to acquire a retail space. 

Kendra chose the name “Pearl Apparel” because she likes the imagery of a pearl. Pearls start off as a grain of sand and are miraculously converted into something beautiful over time. 

Kendra has leveraged social media to help grow her business. She utilized free resources like Canva to help her create graphics to share. She emphasized the importance of documenting your process in order to create content. “From day one, I took pictures of everything that I did.” She also streamlined her digital branding by including the same decorations in each post while writing captions in a consistent voice. 

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