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Grow your business by personalizing your digital strategy to fit your audience and needs.

Don’t worry, we pretty much do all the heavy lifting.

The Holler Vlog is up!

In the spirit of full transparency, we wanted to put together this project so that people on the outside can experience The Holler on the inside. Sit back, have a few laughs, and prepare to be taught a few things on how you can better your business by watching our team completely embarrass ourselves for the world to see. Have any questions, just holler at us!

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Our Mission

We are a digital marketing company strategically located in Appalachia.  We work with a mindset that we want to help communities grow and flourish.  We believe that success often breeds confidence.  We want to see communities and businesses within those communities attain success so that those who have lost hope can find it again.

Our Design Process


Meetin' Time

We meet and learn about your business, your purpose and listen to your desires. From here, we’re able to (1) define your users; (2) understand the challenges; (3) layout the scope of the project.


Conduct Research

We scour the internet to learn more about your industry and competition. We want you to be uniquely better than everyone else. Along with your history, we realize our efforts will help to shape your future and we take that very seriously. Research is a big step.


The Sketch

Our whiteboard gets a lot of action at this point. We focus on different scenarios and strategies specific to your business and hone in on the highest value plan within a reasonable timeline.


Makin' Time

Here we focus on your business story and create mock-ups, a style guide, wireframes, and other documents that provide direction. We plug in the tracking code(s) so analytics can help you make decisions moving forward.

Show & Tell

We present our mock-ups to you, explain the rationale behind each concept and why they would be successful. You then provide us with your feedback and what you feel resonates best with your needs. We execute the necessary revisions to develop the concept into a full-fledged set of designs. We follow up with a second round of revisions to finalize the product

Delivery Day!

Once everything is approved, we implement all material into your business, rolling out initiatives as planned. Our services transfer to the next tasks and/or management of your platforms with a continuous focus on planning new strategies and working toward higher organic reach.

Meet Our Team

Chase C


Director of Operations

Josh C


Chief Vision Officer /

Kevin C


Chief Business Officer / Co-Founder

Ford C


Graphics Manager & Holler Hustle Editor

Natalie C


Business Development Manager

James C


Brand Manager


Marketing Communications Specialist


Client Relations Lead

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